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Aiding your well-being, naturally

Aiding your well-being, naturally

Aiding your well-being, naturally


Aromatherapy Treatments

SunflowerAromatherapy is the controlled use of natural essential oils from aromatic plants, many of which have been used for thousands of years, to promote emotional & physical balance and well-being; the Egyptians are believed to have embalmed mummies with them! Essential oils can be up to 100 times stronger than the herb itself, so the utmost care and knowledge is required in administering them.

The oils are introduced into the body in a variety of different ways, the most popular being through the skin and by inhalation. As essential oil molecules are minute, they are able to be absorbed into the bloodstream, through hair follicles and sweat glands in the skin and via the alveoli in the lungs. When inhaled, they also travel via the nose to the limbic system in the brain, which controls mood, memory and emotion, therefore being able to have an effect on the brain. The circulatory system carries the oils in the blood to the cells of the body, affecting body systems, enabling relaxation, stimulation, stress relief, improved circulation, detoxification etc., depending on which oils are used.

Before a treatment

Before a treatment it is very important that you shower or bathe and apply no creams make-up or lotions, to ensure maximum absorption of the essential oils, to obtain maximum benefits of the treatment. (You can leave on eye make-up.)

“Your unique blend”

After taking a thorough confidential consultation “your unique blend” will be chosen for you, taking into account your emotional and physical well-being and how you would like to benefit from the treatment.

For aromatherapy and swiss reflex treatments, this blend will also be made up for you, combined with a cream, lotion or oil for you to use at home, enhancing the treatment and benefits.

An Aromatherapy treatment doesn’t have to be combined with a massage. It can be a cream, lotion or oil that I can make up specifically for you to use at home, based on your consultation, but usually the benefits are significantly enhanced with a massage.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Relaxation90 mins-£47

The ultimate de-stressing, relaxation experience, using “your unique blend” of oils, the massage includes pressure points and lymph drainage techniques, to balance your whole body and mind, from your head down to your toes, leaving you feeling totally revived. Includes foot reflex assessment & complimentary home treatment.

Aromatherapy Facial

Brunette getting a head massage in the spa salon60 mins-£40

Starting with a mini back massage, this is a deeply relaxing facial, using natural aromatherapy products, suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. “Your unique blend” of essential oils, is specifically chosen to create the perfect massage for your skin type. This can help with many skin problems, encouraging cell renewal and skin rejuvenation, improving circulation and relieving stress. A masque and moisturizer complete this treatment. Includes a complimentary home treatment.

Aromatherapy Neck and Shoulder Massage

lavender45 mins-£35
25 mins-£25

Feel relief from shoulder and neck tension with this very effective massage, which is carried out seated, using “your unique blend” of essential oils to melt away stress, tension and tiredness. Includes a complimentary home treatment.

Aromatherapy Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

45 mins-£35

Help relieve stress and fatigue, muscular tension and back pain with this massage combined with “your unique blend” of essential oils, to promote total relaxation. Includes a complimentary home treatment.